Jared Padalecki

Jared Padelecki Shirtless

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We have already gone all ‘Supernatural’ with one Winchester brother as portrayed by Jensen Ackles.  Now it is the turn of ‘baby’ brother demon hunter in the guise of actor Jared Padalecki.  The former ‘Gilmore Girls’ regular has been kicking spooky dude butt since 2005.  At 6′ 4” of dark, brooding, muscular, magic we will quite happily put on our devil horns if he is on the chase.

Not only does Jared play one of the good guys it seems he is a bit of a sweetheart off screen as well.  Apparently when asked what was his happiest place he responded, “Anywhere I can be with my family”; ah, bless him.

With no end to the appeal of Mr Padalecki it seems he has some cerebral talents as well; the man is a bit of a chess whizz.  We are more than happy for him to show us his moves, and he can checkmate us anytime.


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